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Upscale DJ & MC services for private events and parties, corporate events, award ceremonies, office parties and more. We specialize in playing Jazz standards, vocalists and big band music from the mid-20th century to give your event that extra-special touch.

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Meet DJ Riff

DJ Christopher "Riff" Pinto is a connoisseur of jazz, vintage cars, and mid-century style. With over 20 years of vintage-themed performances behind him, Riff has a familiarity with the music, styles and cultures of the past that help turn your party into a truly memorable event.

Dig it, kats & kittens

Vintage Theme Parties

Interested in having a Vintage Theme Party? From 1940s Big Band to 1950s "MAD MEN" style parties, we can help you create, decorate and entertain a truly special event for you and your guests. Whether you're into Beatniks or Bobby Soxers, Vintage Riffs Entertainment has you covered.

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