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Knowing how to use the right props, sets, décor and music is essential to setting the right mood for your vintage theme parties. Christopher “Riff” Pinto of Vintage Riffs Entertainment has been producing retro-style theme parties for over 25 years, from New York to Fort Lauderdale. He has the experience and knowledge to bring that extra special touch to any event. Riff can be your vintage theme party consultant for a small fee, or can produce your event including securing and installing props and décor (for a large fee).

Below are some ideas (ideas are free!) for your next vintage theme party event. Email us for more information.


chris tuxedoTheme: Mad Men Era 1950s-60s Cocktail Party

Music: Mid-century Vocalists, Bachelor Pad, Exotica, Big Band, Jazz


Relive the days of Martinis, thin ties and opera-length satin gloves, and show your guests a level of sophistication rarely found today. We set the right mood with a perfect blend of mid-century vocalists (i.e. Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney), 1950s Big Band standards (Count Basie, Les Brown), Exotica (Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman), Bachelor Pad (Ray Anthony, Nelson Riddle, Julie London), and Cool Jazz (Miles Davis, Stan Getz).


Decorations & Costume Ideas:

Set up a 1950s style cocktail bar featuring Martinis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. Use conservative décor like black and silver balloons, fabric panels and tropical plants. Intersperse with original 1950s/60s TVs, radios, atomic-age furniture, boomerang ashtrays, vintage Playboy or Esquire magazines and rotary telephones. Dress for the men should be thin-lapel suits, thin ties, cuffed shirts, slicked hair; or the playboy look wearing golf apparel; or, for the non-conformists, a beatnik black turtleneck. For the ladies, evening gowns, full-length dresses, white opera gloves, heels, pillbox hats, stoles, or also the beat look.


cocktailsTheme: Bachelor Pad 1950s-60s Cocktail Party

Music: Bachelor Pad, Exotica, Jazz


A little more “hip” and laid back than the Mad Men party, treat your guests to swingin’ lifestyle of the mid-century bachelor. Music is similar to the Mad Men party, sans vocalists. The mood is cool and free.


Decorations & Costume Ideas:

The mid-century bachelor was famous for living a life of leisure. Sprinkle with large cut-outs of vintage sports cars, private yachts and Vespas, along with golf merchandise, TV sets, record players, records, bongos, magazines, and BBQ grills. The men wear golf apparel, 1950s leisure apparel, pullovers, pleated pants, brown and white shoes, short-brimmed hats, or beat wear. The women wear mid-length skirts/dresses, tennis outfits, etc. or also beat wear. Don’t forget the fine cigars!


barTheme: Mid-Century Tiki Lounge Party or Hawaiian Luau

Music: Bachelor Pad, Exotica, Hawaiian


Back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, Tiki- and Hawaiian-themed restaurants, bars and events were all the rage. They featured grass-hut island décor, exotic sounds, swaying hula dancers, tropical cocktails and torch-lit ambiance. Have your own version of this alluring party style. We play only era-appropriate Exotica (Martin Denny, Les Baxter), Bachelor Pad (Yma Sumac, Mancini) and traditional Hawaiian music. Have a Mai Tai and a flower lei and let the fun begin!

Decorations & Costume Ideas:

Tiki/island décor, Tiki torches and statues, tropical plants, fish nets, cut-outs of canoes and grass shacks, coconuts and bananas. For a truly authentic Tiki event, there should be no plastic Tiki cups or modern paper décor. Dress code: Aloha shirts and khakis or white pants for the men, floral print dresses for the ladies. Beachwear, coconut bikini tops and grass skirts may also be acceptable under the right circumstances. Note: There are local Polynesian/Tiki culture entertainers available (for an additional fee) to truly bring your party to life.


prestoTheme: WWII USO Party

Music: Big Band, 1930s-1940s


Swing back to the height of American Patriotism and the Big Band Era with a Victory USO Party. Great fun, patriotic theme. Excellent for fundraisers or honoring military personnel.


Decorations & Costume Ideas:

Decorate your hall with WWII-era movie and propaganda posters, red white and blue bunting, American flags, giant cut-outs of Jeeps and tents, juke box, mirrored ballroom ball and military items from the era. Costumes can be anything from vintage American military uniforms and Rosy the Riveter to 1940s fashions.


colleenTheme: Big Band Bobby Soxers Ball

Music: Big Band & Retro Swing, 1930s-Present


Here’s a swingin’, jumpin’, high-energy swing dance party to put your guests “In The Mood”! We provide the perfect mix of original big band recordings (i.e. Glenn Miller, Count Basie) and modern Jump Blues music (Brian Setzer Orchestra, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy) to get your guests Lindy Hoppin’ and Jitter Buggin’! Swing Dance lessons available (with advance notice at an additional fee).


Decorations & Costume Ideas:

Giant cut-outs of swing dancers and antique cars, 78-RPM records, posters of big band stars, movie posters, juke box, mirrored ballroom ball. Costumes for the Cats: Zoot Suits, wide-lapel suits, suspenders, wide ties, bow ties, baggy pants, cuffs, fedoras, caps, wingtips, military uniform. For the Kittens: Saddle shoes, pleated skirts, pageboy hairstyle, gowns, pumps, era dresses, Rosy the Riveter, era hats.


Vintage Riffs Entertainment is available for events in most of Broward County, Palm Beach County north to Boca Raton, and parts of Miami. Further areas incur an additional travel fee. If your event is outside of Broward, Palm Beach or Maimi-Dade County, please email us for information.


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