Riff’s Difference: Why Choose Us

Sophisticted Music for Upscale Events

chris-pinto-vintage-tuxForget hip hop. Forget classic rock. Forget adult contemporary.

Those styles all have their place, but that place is not your black tie event, social cocktail party or the like. Most of today’s DJ’s are great at entertaining for dance parties where those styles work perfectly, but when it comes to the sophistication of jazz or standards for an upscale event, these DJ’s are often lost.

Vintage Riffs Entertainment ONLY plays traditional Jazz, mid-century and big band standards, bachelor pad music and the best vocalists of the 20th century. This is our specialty, not a “sideline” as with most DJs. Vintage Riffs Entertainment is here to give you a sophisticated alternative for your upscale event. We call it “The Cure for the Common DJ”. That’s Riff’s Difference.

We’re not putting other DJ companies down. We’re just saying that when you call and entertainment company that specializes in today’s music, and ask them for upscale jazz, you might very well get Kenny-G and the kind of stuff you hear on “smooth jazz” radio stations. While this kind of music has its place (i.e., elevators), it doesn’t compare to real Jazz and standards, the kind of music that has stood the test of time.

There is also the look of the DJ you need to consider. DJ Riff isn’t just “a guy in a tux” playing music. With a flair for theater, DJ Riff has a collection of vintage tuxedos, Zoot Suits and mid-century (Mad Men) style suits the truly “suit” the needs of any vintage theme party or upscale event. Along with Riff’s three decades of vintage-themed performance experience, there is no question that Vintage Riffs Entertainment has what it takes to make your next upscale or vintage-themed event truly memorable.

Vintage Riffs Entertainment is available for events in most of Broward County, Palm Beach County north to Boca Raton, and parts of Miami. Further areas incur an additional travel fee. If your event is outside of Broward, Palm Beach or Maimi-Dade County, please email us for information.

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